Conservatory Metropolitan District

Aurora, Colorado 80013

Landscape Inventory and Condition Assessment

In March of 2016 the District engaged Ivy Street Design to inventory and evaluate the condition of the landscaping in common areas, and to make recommendations to reduce water consumption and landscape maintenance costs while preserving a traditional manicured appearance. One of their key recommendations was to upgrade the District’s irrigation system. This was supported by a prior Irrigation System Evaluation Report conducted by Keesen Water Management in 2013. Other recommendations included converting turf areas to planting space, thereby decreasing the irrigated turf area, incorporating the native grasses, and nurturing and adding large trees. The attached Inventory Map, prepared by Ivy Street Design, highlights their assessment of the condition of the landscaping in each tract Landscape Inventory Map. In some areas they have deemed the existing landscaping sufficient for the conditions present. In the majority of the areas they have determined that the current landscaping needs improvement, and some key areas they have determined that the landscaping needs immediate attention. The District’s Board is using this information as a guide to address landscaping issues while striving to moderate costs and address community concerns.