Conservatory Metropolitan District

Aurora, Colorado 80013


General Notes

The District’s financial statements are prepared according to governmental accounting standard and present the annual budgets and year-to-date expenditures in three separate funds:

General Fund: This fund details the budgeted amounts for revenues and expenditures for maintenance activities as well as the administrative functions of the district such as Management, Legal, Accounting, and Insurance costs.

Debt Service Fund: This fund details the annual revenues and expenditures necessary to service the District’s debt which was incurred to construct public infrastructure such as public roads and water and sewer main lines serving the community.

Capital Projects Fund: This fund is used to budget annual revenues and expenditures for capital projects.

In 2013, the Board of Directors commissioned a Reserve Study to serve as a guide for reserving funds for future replacement and repair projects. Click here to download the 2013 Reserve Study. Click here to download the updated 2019 Reserve Study.

Conservatory Metropolitan District Financial Statements

2019 Audit2022 Adopted Budget (176 KB)

2019 Audit2021 Budget (46 KB)

2019 Audit 2020 Audit (280 KB)

2019 Audit 2019 Audit (281 KB)

2020 Adopted Budget