Conservatory Metropolitan District

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District Projects and Grounds Information

Detention Ponds

As you may know, there are seven storm water detention ponds serving the community. The ponds accept storm drainage and allow retention time for impurities to settle to the bottom of the ponds before the water runs into the local creeks and drainage areas. The District owns and maintains six .. read more

Irrigation in Common Areas

The District finished a multi-year project to upgrade the irrigation system on District owned tracts and to include Tracts I, J and K (former Lennar property) with state-of-the-art smart controllers. Water for irrigation is the District’s largest annual expense. The new smart controllers are working as expected, and reduce .. read more

Tree Replacements

Since 2011 the District has been working on a tree replacement plan and this plan is going to continue indefinitely. The scope of work will be determined by the board on an annual basis The District is mainly replacing dying ash trees due to the Emerald Ash Borer. .. read more

Dog: Pot Stations

The District has 18 Dog: Pot stations throughout our Community. Board Members ask to please use these stations for their intended purpose and do not throw regular trash in them.  Pet owners are strongly encouraged to help maintain a clean environment by collecting their pet’s waste and discarding used pet .. read more

Mail Kiosks

The District owns 26 mail kiosks. Bulletin boards affixed to the kiosks with posting policies clearly displayed. .. read more

Trash Cans

The District owns 2 trash cans. Please help us patrol litter that is discarded on the property by using the trash cans. .. read more

Tot Lot

The District owns one Tot Lot, located on Tract J. Enjoy the play time with your family and friends. .. read more

Landscape Inventory and Condition Assessment

In March of 2016 the District engaged Ivy Street Design to inventory and evaluate the condition of the landscaping in common areas, and to make recommendations to reduce water consumption and landscape maintenance costs while preserving a traditional manicured appearance. One of their key recommendations was to upgrade the District’s .. read more

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